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Metlox Potteries. California Freeform. Butterdish.

Not an easy butterdish to find. I've seen maybe 4 or so of these in the last 24 years.

Salins Studios

Salins Studios - France

Salins Studios

Origin of Country:France


Colors:Pink & Black



Roseville Pottery


Roseville for Raymor. Raymor Modern Stoneware. Beach Grey. Teapot. 174. Ben Seibel.

Laurel of California

Large Bowl

Laurel of California.

Probably [California Seaside] in a pastel blue color. I have found little to help us with identification of the lines or official names.


Crooksville China, Cobelle
Charles Cobelle

Crooksville China. Iva-Lure. [Fountain]. Charles Cobelle.

Victoria Littlejohn

Larsen Lions out exploring..found ideal world in Victoria's magical tile. A PERF
A perfect world

Almost sent out an APB for a couple of lost lions, when they were found......All ends well in Victoria Littlejohn's Magical Tile Kingdom.  :)

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