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Walter DorwinTeague

Walter Dorwin Teague


Origin of Country:USA


Era:Art Deco


Found Yesterday at thrift. and works.


Recent Gallery Posts

Ernest Hagerstrom

Ernst Hagerstrom Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Shaker

This cocktail shaker is an exciting new find for me.

Ben Seibel

Ben Seibel Jenfred Ware fish bank
Jenfred Ware bank

Here is a Jenfred Ware bank designed by Ben Seibel.  It has quite a complex patina! 


cigar lighter

art deco lighter

Cathrineholm Enamelware Bowls

Cathrineholm Enamelware Bowls

These MCM enamelware serving/mixing bowls were designed by Grete Prytz Kittelson and manufactured by Cathrineholm of Norway.  I especially like the Lotus pattern in various shad

Fun Find


Goodwill $1.35 after my discount! So cute.

More Don Drumm knobs

More Don Drumm knobs

Here is another set of 10 pairs of knobs

Plus there is one big knob to use on the pantry door.

I consider these things genius design to live with every day.

Don Drumm knobs

mod knobs
Don Drumm knobs

I think I've mentioned that I am renovating my kitchen.

I had the cabinets refinished so I could use Don Drumm knobs.

Here's is one set of 10 pairs that I ordered.