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Sabino Glass Art Deco Vase

This amazing, 13-inch deco vase has a large chip on its base, but I could not pass it up for $15.


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Blenko 949S Vase

Blenko 949S
Blenko Vase (949S)

This 949S vase in Emerald (7" high) was created by Winslow Anderson in 1950.

Blenko 5616-C Vase

Blenko 5616-C
Blenko Vase (5616-C)

This 5616-C vase in Tangerine (19 3/4" high) was created by Wayne Husted in 1956.

Blenko 658S Decanter

Blenko 658S
Blenko Decanter (658S)

One of my favorite Blenko designs...this 658S decanter in Olive Green (16 1/4" high) was created by Joel Myers in 1965.

Gold Halo Glass

Gold Halo Glass Tray

Glass 4 part divided tray. Gold circular designs with white raised dots.

Gold Halo by David Heavenridge circa 1950, Most likely by the Dacra Glass Co.

David Heavenridge, (1917-2009)


North Star Pilsners
North Star Go-Along Pilsners

I'm not sure of the manufacturer but I'm thinking it's Hazel Atlas. They put out the beer mugs which were also missing the tan color.

My Modern Glass

Erickson Glass #270 Liqueur Decanter

Erickson is one of my favorite American glass companies.  They closed down in 1961, but in the 1950s.

Higgins Rondelay glass discs

Higgins Rondelay glass discs, c.1960
Higgins Rondelay glass discs, c.1960

Higgins Rondelay glass discs, c.1960
Michael and Frances Higgins, Riverside IL
RYC and WWW colorways