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Russel Wright Tantalus Set

The definition of Tantalus is a case in which bottles may be locked with their contents tantalizingly visible, and that is exactly what this is.


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Gilley.  Tempron Taste Tempters.  Ben Seibel.  BW1233 and BW1222 Pyrex.

Duncan Miller

Duncan Miller Festive Creamer
Honey Creamer

Duncan Miller. Festive. Honey. Creamer. Michael Lax. c. 1954.



Fostoria. George Sakier. I have been informed that there may not be a pattern name for this line.

Thanks to everyone in the ID forums for your help with this.

GW find

Ben Seibel Fostoria Pebble Beach Flaming Orange On the Rocks
Ben Seibel Flaming Orange Pebble Beach On the Rocks/Wine found at the Goodwill

I came across a group of Ben Seibel Fostoria Flaming Orange Pebble Beach Glassware a few weeks ago at the local Goodwill.

Anchor Hocking's Miss America

Anchor Hocking's Miss America

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I hope that you don't mind that I've strayed away from the traditional red/white/blue and did a little red/white/pink instead?  After all, this glass pa

Nuutajarvy Nottsjo - Nuutajärvi Notsjö

Nuutajärvi Notsjö - Oiva Toikka Bowl

Oiva Toikka cased Bowl, fully signed but without a modelnumber.

It's impossible for me to track down year or modelname.

Glass Sklounion Hermanova Hut "Candle Wax" Vase

Candle Wax Vase Designed by Frantisek Peceny and made by Hermanova Hut
Glass Sklounion Hermanova Hut "Candle Wax" Vase

Object: Clear pressed glass vase, known as the "Candle Wax" vase