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Dorothy Thorpe square platter

This plate is 12.5" square. Decoration, according to the paper label, is 18k gold. This is the first Thorpe I've found with a label. She can be hard to identify without one!


Recent Gallery Posts

R Young
Higgins Rondelay glass discs, c.1960
higgins glass plate
Morgantown, American Modern, Steubenville, Russel Wright
Retro Pam
Consolidated Martele Hummingbird Vase

Dunbar Glass Co., WV, "Aramis" Ringed Tumblers in Blue and Amber

Dunbar Glass Co., WV, "Aramis" Ringed Tumblers in Blue and Amber
Dunbar Glass Co., WV, "Aramis" Ringed Tumblers in Blue and Amber

Dunbar Glass Company, of West Virginia, was in operation between 1913 and 1953.


Fostoria Module
Fostoria Module

Fostoria. Module. Wine (left). Sunrise. Goblet (right). Dusk. Ben Seibel. 1970s.

Paden City

Paden City Highlight Snow Glass
Paden City Highlight Snow Glass

Paden City. Highlight. Snow Glass. Fruit Bowl. Salad Plate. Russel Wright.  c. 1950.

James Wayne

James Wayne 'Lovers' Goblets

One of the leading West Coast artists contributing to the developement of the studio glass movement. James Wayne produced sculptural, organic


Akro Agate Glass

Childs Tea Set
Akro Agate Glass

Akro Agate

Type:Childs Tea set

Material:Colored Glass


Origin of Country:USA

Part of Childs Tea set.

Louis Comfort Tiffany collection

Louis Comfort Tiffany Collection

Louis Comfort Tiffany Collection

Maker:Louis Comfort Tiffany /Tiffany&Co.

Type:Limited Edition Bowl


Origin of Country:USA

Duncan Miller Laguna

Duncan Miller Laguna Relish

A recent thift store find.  We've been looking for pieces in this pattern for years, and this is the only one we've turned up locally (I actually started laughing when I looked down and saw it