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dining in style

I just found these Iroquois Impromptu pieces tonight for 50 cents each!  The platter measures 15.25" and the serving bowl measures 11.5".  There's something about the simplicity of mid centu


Unknown Designer

mayer china abstract dinnerware 60s midcentury modern abstract design plates
Mayer China Abstract Dinner Plates

This is our first post as a member so we're starting out with a super cool find- 2 Mayer China abstract design dinner plates by an unknown designer.

Ben Seibel Vitrastone

Ben Seibel Vitrastone Kasuga Japan, Delphinium
Vitrastone casserole by Ben Seibel in the Delphinium design

I found this casserole in a Goodwill near Lebanon Ohio about six months ago.  I've come to find that the Vitrastone line is rather hard to find. 


Seibel Iroquois "Stellar" Table


Flintridge China

Conversation Music.

Russel Wright 1904-1976

Russel Wright 1904-1976

Russel Wright 1904-1976


Made in Usa


Colors:Gray and Coral


White one by Iroquois

1847 Rogers "Flair" Holloware Collection

1847 Rogers "Flair" Coffee Set and Holloware
1847 Rogers Bros "Flair" Coffee Set and Holloware

Here's another collection of things I've acquired piecemeal over time.  1847 Rogers "Flair" (1956) has one of the funkiest coffee sets I've ever seen.

Lunt Silver, "Madrigal" Flatware Brochure

Lunt Silver, "Madrigal" Flatware Brochure
Lunt Silver, "Madrigal" Sterling Flatware Brochure

In planning my parents' 50th anniversary party, my brother and I got hold of their wedding scrapbook.