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Glidden bowl

A stack of Glidden Pottery bowls.


Recent Gallery Posts

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Ashtray Magazine Stand in Drip Glaze

Just a nice old magazine and ashtray stand.

Evans Ashtray & Lighter Set

Evans Ashtray & Lighter set
Evans Ashtray & Lighter Set

I don't smoke but every once in a while I come across a cool ashtray and lighter set.


A selection of saffron Country-Time pieces, on a cloth designed by Tammis Keefe

The pieces shown here have the saffron glaze, mostly with the 'fruits' decoration.

Haeger's Early American series

2-H vase 13 inches tall
2-H vase 13 inches tall

Perhaps my favorite shape, a 13 inch tall bottle vase, shape 2-H.

6 example glazes, left to right

Blue/Green Texture

Mandarin Orange

Sunset Crackle


Haeger's Early American series

27-H bowl
27-H console bowl

An uncommon shape from the Early American series, this large console bowl is 7 inches tall, and 15 inches in diameter from handle to handle.

The Black Mistique glaze treatment was done on b

Haeger's Early American series

Shape 13-H
Shape 13-H

Have a few more pics to go!

This is the 13" diameter bowl or charger, in the Black Mistique glaze.



Haeger's Early American series

Haeger Early american vase 5H in a 7 glazes
Haeger Early american vase 5H in a 7 glazes

This shape is one of the most commonly found in the series.  A 6 inch tall vase with a very small mouth, very pleasant organic shape.

Left to right glazes are:

Black Mistique