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Paden City Highlight, Chive

Paden City. Highlight. Chive. Russel Wright. Dinner plate.

Found a lucky dozen of these today. A very hard-to-find color.


Design Inc.

Design Inc
Design Inc

Design Inc.

Albert Pottery

Albert Pottery tumblers

Albert Pottery. Albertina.

Western Stoneware


Western Stoneware Company. Eva Zeisel Fine Stoneware. Blueberry. Sugar. Eva Zeisel.

Courtesy of raymorboy.

Esther Marshall Sills

Esther Marshall Sills Sgraffito Plates
Sgraffito Plates

A 20th Century Cincinnati find, these 3 sgraffito plates were made by Esther Marshall Sills. Born in Columbus, Ohio in 1908, Esther received a master's degree from Columbus University in 1934.

Roseville Pottery

Frogskin Cruets

Roseville Pottery for Raymor. Raymor Modern Stoneware. Avocado [Frogskin]. Cruets. Ben Seibel.

Courtesy of raymorboy.

Iroquois China

Uknown Blue Decoration

Iroquois China. Impromptu. [Powder Blue]. Ben Seibel.

Anyone seen this color before?


Pfaltzgraff, Country-Time, Ben Seibel

Pfaltzgraff. Country-Time. [Black on White]. Small Platter. Ben Seibel.