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Bread & Butter, Esquire, Russel Wright, Knowles, Queen Annes Lace

Knowles. Esquire. Queen Annes Lace. Bread & Butter. Russel Wright.

Below, closeup of salad/luncheon plate.


Universal Potteries

Vogue Universal
Vogue Universal

Universal Potteries. Vogue. Stairway to the Stars. Fruit Bowl.


Steubenville Sequence

Steubenville Pottery. Sequence.

This product frequently crazed. This piece is no exception. Even so, I couldn't resist. Love the finial.

Harris Potteries

Harris Potteries
Tall Vase

Harris Potteries.

Anybody know anything about when this company started? It looks like they are still in business.

Hagen Renaker "Black Bisque" Cat Figurines

Hagen Renaker Cats
Hagen Renaker "Black Bisque" Cat Figurines

I've been trying to find Hagen Renaker "Black Bisque" figurines for a long time.  This stylized pair of cats is the first I've been able to get.  They were made in 1959 with several desig

Raymor Modern Stoneware

Large Handled Casserole
Raymor Modern Stoneware

Roseville Pottery for Raymor. Raymor Modern Stoneware. Contemporary White. Large handled casserole. 4 quart. Ben Seibel. 1952.

Design Inc.

Design Inc
Design Inc

Design Inc.

Albert Pottery

Albert Pottery tumblers

Albert Pottery. Albertina.