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Haeger Early american vase 5H in a 7 glazes

This shape is one of the most commonly found in the series.  A 6 inch tall vase with a very small mouth, very pleasant organic shape.

Left to right glazes are:

Black Mistique


Recent Gallery Posts

Red Wing


Red Wing. Town & Country. Mulberry. Eva Zeisel.

Here we go 'round the mulberry bowl so early in the morning. Rare color.

Bennington Pottery

Bennington Pottery candlesticks

Bennington Pottery. Candlesticks. The marks on the two candlesticks differ. The one not shown has two mold numbers in the center well. I beieve it reads 1704 and 05

Universal Pottery


Universal Potteries for Raymor. Raymor Universal. Boutique White. Gravy. Ben Seibel.

Loma OF Arizona

Loma Of Arizona Creamer

Flea find.

Mr. Wadogum saw it first,pointed it out for me.

Loma Of Arizona small creamer.

Only about 3.5 inches tall.

Red Wing Lute Song

Lute Song by Red Wing

Found at "That Pec Thing" last Saturday.


Red Wing True China Lute Song 

Charles Murphy

Platter is 13 inches across

Divided bowl is 12 inches



Metlox Potteries. California Freeform. Butterdish.

Not an easy butterdish to find. I've seen maybe 4 or so of these in the last 24 years.

Roseville Pottery


Roseville for Raymor. Raymor Modern Stoneware. Beach Grey. Teapot. 174. Ben Seibel.