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Forum International Stoneware cups

Recently found in the wild for 59 cents per pound. Smile.



Mayan Necklace

Metlox Potteries. Mayan Necklace. Coffee pot. One of the more elusive Metlox patterns.

Vernon Kilns

Dis 'n Dot
Dis 'n Dot

Vernon Kilns. Vernonware. San Clemente. Dis 'n Dot. Tumblers. 1957.

Goss Stoneware


Goss Stoneware. Fishnet. Apparently this is an herb skillet. Look here.

Glidden Green Mesa

Glidden Green Mesa pattern
Glidden Green Mesa bowl

Villeroy & Boch Black Cat

Villeroy & Boch black cat
Are you superstitious?

A friend of mine happened upon two of these Villeroy & Boch cats at his local Goodwill. One in black, one in white. He was ever so gracious to gift me the black one!

Ruth L.Whyte Sculpture

1930's sculpture by Ruth L.Whyte

Internet bidding can be a dangerous thing.

I have always watched auctions on line,but never registered,until this past Sunday.

Rookwood Vase by Charles S. Todd

Mid Century Modern "Look" Rookwood Vase

Rookwood Pottery vase by Charles Stewart Todd (1885-1950)

4.5 inches tall, matte finish

Even though it has a shape number, 2105, it is hand thrown.