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Stangl Sailfish

Stangl. Sailfish.


Bennington Pottery

Teardrop Musician Series

Today's find #2

Bennington Potters Co-op

Teardrop Musician Series

Very nice modernist design.

This one is a Cellist.

Mark on back is an early one.

Stetson China

Stetson Hiawatha

Stetson China. [Hiawatha].

Raymor Roseville

Roseville Raymor
My awesome Raymor Roseville find

I found these 54 pieces of Raymor pottery made by Roseville and designed by Ben Seibel in 1954 at my favorite thrift store in Columbus Ohio, priced at $59.

Metlox Potteries

Salad Bowl
Salad Bowl

Metlox Potteries. Freeform. California Aztec. Salad Bowl. Frank Irwin (shape). Bob Allen (pattern). 1955.

Found a large stash of Aztec today.


Water Pitcher, California Aztec
Water Pitcher

Metlox Potteries. Freeform. Frank Irwin (shape). California Aztec. Bob Allen (pattern). Water Pitcher. 1955.

Franciscan Autumn

Franciscan Autumn Cruets

Gladding McBean. Franciscan Autumn. Cruets.

Red Wing

Red Wing, Town and Country, Eva Zeisel, creamer

Red Wing. Town & Country. Mulberry. Creamer. Eva Zeisel.

Another piece of T&C in the rare Mulberry glaze.