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I rally like the design on this little dish.


Laurel of California

Peach Blossom
Covered Casserole

Laurel of California. "Life". Peach Blossom. Covered Casserole. Charles (Ted) Scarpino.

Salem China

Salem Old Gloucester
Old Gloucester

Salem China. Old Gloucester.

Ha! Says craze proof, but right out of the box it is crazed.


Richard Saar fish/feather/spiral plate
Richard Saar fish/feather/spiral plate

A recent acquisition to the Saar Ceramics Archive.  Wondered if anyone had something in similar motif that would be considered part of a pattern or production line?

Holt Howard

Holt Howard Starry Eyed Santa Pitchers
Holt Howard Starry Eyed Santa Pitchers

Christmas is coming!


Cedar Green divided vegetable
American Modern

Steubenville Pottery. American Modern. Cedar Green. Divided Vegetable. Russel Wright.


Franciscan Cypress

Gladding McBean. Franciscan. Flair (shape). George James, pattern. Cypress (pattern). 1962. Norman Hansen, pattern.

Marcello Fantoni for Raymor Lamp

Marcello Fantoni for Raymor Lamp

Thrift store score! Perhaps my best of all time.