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Knowles Esquire Compote

Knowles. Esquire. Seeds. Compote. Russel Wright. c. mid-1950s.


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Eva Zeisel Studio 10

Tomorrows Classic Studio 10 Cruet

Yesterday's find

Hallcraft Tomorrows Classic cruet

Shape by Eva Zeisel

Studio 10

Decoration by John Carlis



Franciscan Trio

Franciscan Trio bread & butter plates,6 inches.


Abstract flowers.

Square-ish shape.


American Modern in Cedar Green

Russel Wright American Modern by Steubenville

Mfg. from 1950-1959

Dinner plate,gravy boat & salt & pepper.

Cedar Green- This color is new to me, and I love it!


Cantaloupe American Modern
Cantaloupe American Modern

Steubenville Pottery. American Modern. Cantaloupe. Russel Wright.

Even in sunlight, it didn't look crazed until I got it home.


Franciscan, Duet
Franciscan Duet

Gladding McBean. Franciscan. Duet. c. 1956. Coffee pot. Shape & decoration by George James.

A great set for Valentine's day or your anniversary.


Bread & Butter, Esquire, Russel Wright, Knowles, Queen Annes Lace
Bread & Butter, Knowles QAL

Knowles. Esquire. Queen Annes Lace. Bread & Butter. Russel Wright.

Below, closeup of salad/luncheon plate.

Edwin M. Knowles

cream and sugar, Russel Wright Knowles Esquire
Russel Wright Knowles Esquire Grass

Edwin M. Knowles. Esquire. Grass. Sugar and creamer. Russel Wright.