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Riihimaen Lasi 'Apollo' Candle Lamp 1969

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Finnish Taito table lamp

Here is my collections of different lamps mainly from 50s.


West German Pottery

Pan Keramik

Part of the Goebel empire, with original shade, it works still and in in my downstairs hall.

West German Pottery

Carstens Tonnieshof

A Luxus Series lamp base 1965

West German Pottery

Carstens Tönnieshof

Form 7932-22 Carstens Luxus series table lamp with original shade

West German Pottery

Carstens Tönnieshof

Luxus decor lamp base

West German Glass

Hohenlocksteder Lamp

Designed in 1962, produced for 6 years, made in Hohenlockstedt

West German Glass

WMF Wagenfeld

A Original Wagenfeld design for WMF

West GermanPottery

Carstens Atelier Series

Arriba decor piece created in 1963, Form & Decor by Gerda Heukeroth