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Keramik.Many people have in the past often mis-attributed this makers work to that of ES-Keramik


Arnold Wiigs Fabrikker Plaque

Another Arnold Wiigs

Just when I thought I was done at the flea.

Found another Arnold Wiigs Fabrikker of Norway Plaque.

Edelstein Bavaria

Edelstein Bavaria Vase

I saw this at the flea market here in NYC today. When I turned it around and saw that design I was wowed. It looked mid-century to me but I didn't do any research and just decided to buy it.

ben seibel

ben seibel mikasa pivotal creamer lidded sugar bowl
ben seibel mikasa pivotal creamer sugar

estate sale find

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton


Origin of Country:England









Turi Gramstad Oliver for Figgjo-Norway

Turi Gramstad Oliver for Figgjo-Norway

Turi Gramstad Oliver for Figgjo-Norway




Designer:Turi Gramstad Oliver




Origin of Country:Norway

Massimo Vignelli for Sasaki

Massimo Vignelli for Sasaki

Massimo Vignelli for Sasaki

Designer:Massimo Vignelli



Color:Matted Black




Arnold Wiigs Fabrikker Wall Plaque

How to catch a reindeer

19.5 inch ceramic wall plaque by AWF-Norway.

Arnold Wiigs Fabrikker,started in 1945. c.50's 60's

High gloss glaze on matte black.

Decorator name-Lapp.