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Bovano Cheshire CT Mid century enamel

Bovano Cheshire CT Mid century enamel
Bovano enamel 2 Fish square plaque

Produced by the Cheshire CT firm of Bovano (started in 1953 by John BOnsignor, Gene VAn Leight and Warren NOden), this Bovano enamel 2 colorful Fish square plaque is in excellent vintage shape. 

To me, it clearly shows the transition from what Bovano was doing after purchasing the firm from Brower. In the 1953-1964 period, Bovano concentrated on utilitarian decorative consumer articles but rarely used figural motifs on their ware. The wooden framed plaques show the direction the firm would move in post-1964. Here the design is a common motif of the Mid-century era one finds in glass, pottery and enamel. A very Mid-century piece of art! Two fish, one above the other, fill the space. The brighter yellow, orange and brown fish is above the seafoam green, olive green and pumpkin orange one. These are standard Bovano colors used in these interesting plaques. The background is standard Bovano gold. It is in great shape and the only one featuring fish I have seen, though I have seen Bovano center enamel plaques incorporated into pieces which are signed Ernest Sohn. 

The wooden square frame is beveled and meaures 8 inches at its widest. The enamel square insert is perfectly 6 inches square. There is an original gold paper foil label on the back. The one corner of the wooden plaque on the back has a bit of damage but this is minor and it could have been manufactured this way

All in all, an important piece in an interesting form.

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