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Oneida Russel Wright - Yay or Nay?

modernartist's picture
Oneida Russel Wright - Yay or Nay?

During my thrifting moments, I've stumbled upon a few Oneida Russel Wright pieces here and there. A plate one time, a pitcher (at an antique store of all places, which I kind of thought was misleading), and now, this. A sugar/creamer set. Here's the thing, in my mind purchasing the reissued Oneida versions of Russel Wright Iroquois and American Modern pieces is cheating. So I don't usually pick them up. I didn't get that plate, passed on the pitcher, but this, this I bought. Why? A) I have yet to find a complete sugar/creamer set out in the wild (I seem to find creamers once in a rare while, including the charcoal one I own, but never a sugar!) and B) this was $1.61. How can you pass up on this for less than two bucks? (And do any of you have Value Village Thrift stores near you? Their prices never make an ounce of sense! $1.61, $25.25, I don't believe they honestly have any even prices. I have no clue why.) Plus I loved that it was a nice brown - I believe it's called cattail brown.

Anyway, here's my question (and forgive me if this has been talked about here on Modish previously, just send me to the link if so!) but I'm curious if you all purchase the reissued pieces, and also what are the chances that one day these will also become collectible (in the same manner as the original ones we all currently search and hunt for?) Do you think that will happen, or, like I said, is it cheating to pick these up instead of the originals? Apparently the line only lasted one year (2002-2003) so it must have not been that successful (unless that was the plan. A one year only release.)