Russel Wright
Sascha Brastoff footed bowl Ballet (Dancer) pattern

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Gallery images from 2 years ago and more.



Roche Pottery.  Walter Roche.  #24 & #25 vases


hyalyn High Fashion

hyalyn Porcelain (Hickory, North Carolina). High Fashion. Eva Zeisel. [Olive]. 1964. Vase (shape Z-20).

Glidden Pottery

Glidden 4020 Vase

Glidden Pottery (Alfred, NY). 4020 Vase. Fong Chow.

Franciscan Trio Tea For Four

Ice Tea Anyone?

Franciscan Trio


Shape adapted by George James.

Design by Esta James

Her name is hidden in some of the flowers in the design.

raymordq's picture

Ben Seibel Duncan Miller Raymor Connoisseur Punch bowl and cups

Caught this last weekend on a Dishing trip.  No stand, but it was sold with and without the stand.

Upsala-Ekeby Vase

A Little Black Swedish Vase

A post by request.

Upsala-Ekeby Vase


Matte black with turquoise and blue shapes in a mirror type glaze.

5 inches tall.

signed KR

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