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Metlox, Mobile, California Mobile
Red Wing Smart Set
Raymor Capri, Michael Lax, Hyalyn
Footed Sherbet
Beverage Server with Cover in Charcoal

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Theme Formal Demitasse Cup
Treasure Hunter D

RW Turquoise Tablecloth

RW Turquoise Tablecloth

I'm crazy about this Mid-Century Modern turquoise and white tablecloth that I got online recently!  Gary Maurer (who wrote the book on RW tablecloths)  confirms that this Leacock tableclo

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Russel Wright Iroquois "Family" creamer and sugar

The "Family" sugars and creamers are HTF...early in production. The "Family" sugar and creamer is on the left; the regular sugar and creamer on the right.  I LOVE the "Raindrop" glaze on

COOK BAKE 'N SERVE: Informal Box & Warranty

Iroquois Informal box
Iroquois Informal Ephemera

Cardboard boxes are not the most photogenic of objects, but when I was lucky enough to find an unused set of Blue Diamonds in an original box, I thought perhaps some MODishers might enjoy

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Sascha Brastoff -- Coffee and Cigarettes

These are certainly a curiosity as well as a throwback to a bygone era.  It looks like a snack set, but the saucer, rather than serving as a plate, is an ashtray. 

Bennington Pottery

Teardrop Musician Series

Today's find #2

Bennington Potters Co-op

Teardrop Musician Series

Very nice modernist design.

This one is a Cellist.

Mark on back is an early one.

Stetson China

Stetson Hiawatha

Stetson China. [Hiawatha].

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