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Blast from the Past

Gallery images from 2 years ago and more.
Mid to Late 60's Venini prism lamp, Murano Italy

Russel Wright/Yamato

Theme Formal on Heywood
Last of the fall roses

Later in the day after a roam around the garden.  Cut the roses to save them from the pending frost and put them in the hi-ball glass.  Thought I'd share this pic too

Bennington Potters Wooly Ram Bank E/1671

Bennington Potters Wooly Ram Bank
Bennington Potters Wooly Ram Bank E/1671

In collecting, I have the uncanny good fortune of having lightening strike twice.

Franciscan Gladding McBean Eclipse White

Franciscan Gladding McBean Eclipse White Water Pitcher

It's interesting to see some of the most iconic mid-century dinnerware lines in their unadorned states.  This is one line that I think I actually prefer with its most popular and best-known de

mcm.indigo's picture

A Sweet New Year

It's Rosh ha-Shanah, and I hope everybody is ready to party like it's 5775. 

Rorstrand Grill

Rorstrand Vessel

Recent find.

Rorstrand handled ramekin/personal gravy covered bowl/condiment 

Pattern name: Grill

Approx. 3 inches by 3 inches (5 across with the handle)

Raymor Capri

Raymor Capri, Michael Lax, Hyalyn

Hyalyn. Raymor Capri. Rare pink salad bowl. Michael Lax.

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Sascha Brastoff Resin Polar Bear