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Glidden Pottery

Glidden Pottery

Glidden Pottery Ronson Lighter

I bought this unknow/unmarked Ronson lighter a few months ago.  Based on the glaze, I actually thought it might be by Howard Pierce.

Alfred Stoneware

Glidden, Stoneware, Sergio Strologo

Glidden Pottery. Stoneware [Alfred Stoneware]. #818. Teapot. 8 cup. Sergio Dello Strologo. 1956.

Glidden Pottery

Glidden Alfred Stoneware

Glidden Pottery (Alfred, NY). Alfred Stoneware. Sergio Strologo. Buffetware in Saffron. 1956. Cup (shape 841) and saucer.

Glidden Pottery

Glidden 4021 Vase

Glidden Pottery (Alfred, NY). 4021 Vase. Fong Chow.

Glidden Green Mesa

Glidden Green Mesa pattern
Glidden Green Mesa bowl

Glidden Koi Tray

Koi Tray by Glidden Pottery

Weekend find at Grayslake Antique Market.

Glidden Koi Tray #200

6 inches x 8 inches

Very apropos find as I have a small lake in my yard after all the rain.

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